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Bridge Consultancy provides expert and Business and Management Solutions to SMEs throughout UAE and Dubai.


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Mergers & Acquisitions

Bridge Consultancy has years of experience and broad perspective while approaching Mergers and Acquisitions. Our legal and financial teams work closely with your managers to help streamline the process of acquiring and absorbing other companies in an efficient and timely fashion.

Bridge Consultancy can help you with market research, fiscal planning, legal matters, and on-boarding -every step of the way- as your company grows. We can make an uncertain, stressful, and costly merger go so smooth that you will barely notice it.

Change Management

Change is one of the few things that we are guaranteed in life. In the highly competitive environment of the UAE -spurred by the rapid pace of technological improvements, a globalized market, and regional economic growth- change is a constant that we must all be planning for.

Failing to plan for organizational change can cost an organization valuable time, assets, or market share. Failure to manage and effectively change when needed can also spell disaster. If your organization doesn’t take change management seriously, now is the time to contact Bridge Consultancy to learn how we can prepare your team to evolve and quantum leap your competition.

Our only security is our ability to change – John Lilly

Bridge Consultancy has a team of seasoned business professionals with diverse backgrounds and areas of expertise to serve your organizational change. Our finance, legal, Management, and Communications team members all provide valuable insights to your organization as we manage and guide you through your difficult and stressful times. Call us to find out how we can ease your team through one of your most trying times.

Business Proposals

Business Proposals are time consuming and complicated documents to draft, especially if you don’t have the experience or time. Our Consultants are able to provide market research, perform complicated financial projections, and provide the legal acumen needed to compose valuable and accurate proposals.

Bridge Consultancy has the diverse experience and skills you don’t that allows us to quickly compose business proposals for your projects, ventures, and bids as you do the other requisite tasks to get your project started. Call us to learn what we can do to help get your proposal through to actualization.

Project Management

Bridge Consultancy has the experienced and skilled team members to help you manage your projects. We aim to ensure timely delivery and quality results. We are intimately familiar with major industries prevalent throughout the Middle East, including construction, real estate, logistics, trading, and oil & gas. Our project managers can lend you valuable experience and an entire team to back up their efforts.

  • Leadership
  • Time Management
  • Fiscal Controls
  • Decision Analysis
  • Operations Research
  • Project Crashing Analysis


What Our Clients Say About Us

Bridge Consultancy provided the expert solutions we needed as we restructured and consolidated our organization and assets. They cut our costs, increased efficiency, and added value where we didn’t even know it was possible.
Arif Al Hamadi, Hamadi Group

Great work Bridge Consultancy! You were so kind and professional as you help me set up my salon. I will always use you for anything I need. Thank you so much!
Saleen Hughes, Saleen's Salon